Pairing your Vybe for the first time

Vybe has been designed to only pair using the Vybe app. It's not currently possible to pair Vybe through Bluetooth settings on your device - so make sure to download the app first!

Step 1

Fully charge the Vybe chip until the amber (orange) LED light turns off.

Step 2

Download and install the Vybe app

Step 3

Make sure your bluetooth is enabled on your device.

Step 4

Open the Vybe app. Once the app is opened, press the button on the Vybe chip while holding the chip close to the phone to initiate pairing (press repeatedly in 1 second intervals). The app will request to pair - accept the popup to pair.


Once the Vybe pairs you will be able to use Vybe!


If you still have questions about pairing or are having technical difficulties please email